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Mittwoch, 27.05.2020
May 1, 2020, Munich, Bavaria, Germany: Never again or nie wieder with a swastika used to demonstrate against the III. Weg neonazi group in Munich, Germany. Despite the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, 14 from the militant neonazi group III. Weg demonstrated this May 1st in the Pasing district of Munich, Germany. On the heels of a rejection of their normal May Day demonstration in Erfurt and the cancellation of the Roland Elstner Mahnwache, the group decided to organize a demo in Munich due to more permissiveness by the city during the Coronavirus crisis. Approx. 150 counterdemonstrators attended with reports of unprovoked attacks by USK police at the scene including against reporters and attempts at press freedom restrictions. III. Weg is the continuation of the banned criminal group Freies Netz Sued in Munich and among its ranks ar - ZUMAb160 20200501_zbp_b160_031 Copyright: xSachellexBabbarx Download Highres (imago images / ZUMA Wire)

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